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Owner Anthony Hardy (AT64F) Georgetown, KY

Autocar AT64F 1986 (#073 of the ???86 model year)

Driveline details,

Engine Cat 3406B DI 400HP

transmission RTOF-14613 13 speed Roadranger

Number of Axles 3, SQ-100 3:70

Unique features

Although I???m sure it???s not the only AT64F built with aluminum frame, mine???s the only one I???ve seen personally. Also appears to be among the first built with the Volvo air ride suspension instead of the normal Neway air ride from what I can tell by talking to former factory employees and product announcements in old magazines.

Truck History

Not sure what the original owner used it for. The person who last owned it was leased to Combined Transport of Central Point, Oregon.

Any stories the owner would like to share.

I have always liked the AT64F Autocar ever since they first appeared in the trucking magazines when I was in high school and I???ve always wanted one. I looked for several years before finding this one. Since it is a west coast truck it does not have some of the rust issues that I found on a lot of the trucks from closer to home. Overall it???s in good shape. The biggest issue is the sleeper. The roof is cracked all over, the underframe is broken apart in one spot, and the side panels are pulling away from the underframe. After looking for well over a year for a suitable replacement, I decided to replace it with a sleeper from a 1995 Western Star until I can either get the time to fix the existing one or find another. If I end up liking the Western Star sleeper ok once it???s on, I may keep it. I have a couple of ideas I???m going to try to make the sleeper look more like it belongs on the truck. Current projects: Right now I have almost the entire interior pulled out. I???m cleaning each piece and replacing any rusty bolts and screws with new ones. I have several new parts for the interior including ash trays, steering wheel, accelerator pedal, accelerator pedal and shift boots, new shift knobs, and new seat belts and seat belt tethers. I am also going to replace the seats with new ones and put new carpet down. I was originally trying to rush to get it to South Bend but I was not able to make it so I???m slowing down a bit and taking the time to tend to a lot of the little things. I spent one whole day just cleaning the rust from the plate and hinge piece that mounts the accelerator pedal to get it ready to paint.